The General Celebration was a success.  Like we promised we had a night for all to shop the goods, sip the amazing brew, and socialize. Its always nice to have an excuse to hang out with friends. Modest Spot Salon + General Store is so grateful for all the love and support. 

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Lets get back to the brew. A huge thank you to Artifex Brewing Company for providing my new favorite blonde ale. It was very appropriately named "SHOW ME YOUR ROOTS."  You can tell each beer made goes through a journey that is handcrafted with love, knowledge, and hard work.  They have definitely mastered their craft.  So if you are looking for delicious beer, great company, or even a meal ( hey they have gourmet food trucks!) stop by Artifex Brewing Company you will not regret it.   


Artifex Brewing Company

919 Calle Amanecer

San Clemente, Ca 92673